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Love, Beauty & Soul Series - Book 3

Widowed and destitute, Cassidy Ryan is forced to move across the country to keep a roof over her son’s head. After years of chipping away at her paralyzing debt, Cassidy is offered an amazing job in the Hamptons that will secure their future—as a live-in, end-of-life doula for billionaire, William ‘Liam’ Harlow II.

Liam’s grandson, Adam Harlow, is cold, ruthless, and has no time for the woman hired to support the passing of his beloved grandfather. And when she turns out to be the gorgeous blonde he’d had an incredible one-night stand with only weeks prior, it only fuels the fire.

He hadn’t been able to forget her. Beautiful, innocent—but most importantly, married. Adam doesn’t have time for relationships. Work is his life, and no woman can steal his focus...until he finds out Cassidy’s devastating truth.

Their connection is electric, but Cassidy isn’t prepared to risk her job for the notorious womanizer. She’s there to guide the Harlow family through their grief, not distract Adam from it. Yet, the closer they get, the deeper their souls entwine, until they’re forced to face their fears.

With a mansion full of secrets, and one of her own, will Cassidy save Adam’s soul before it’s too late? Or will she fall in love trying?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Although this novel can be read as a standalone, for maximum enjoyment, I strongly advise reading Capturing Love & Finding Beauty before delving into this story. This full-length, contemporary romance contains strong language, sex scenes and sensitive subject matter.

The link below is for readers who may be emotionally triggered by events/themes/situations in this novel. 
Warning: It may contain spoilers! If you need any further clarification, please don't hesitate to email

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