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Love, Beauty & Soul Series - Book 2

Alone in New York City, Melanie Warren must learn to live without everything she’d come to rely on: her parents’ money, her high-society social status, and her ex-fiancé, Grayson.

With her darkest days behind her, Melanie is finally hopeful for the future and determined to find out what she is capable of on her own. But her aspirations come to a crashing halt when she finds herself working with the man who unknowingly caused her demise.

Scott Blackwood, the boy who shattered her heart at seventeen, is now everything he dreamed to be: wealthy, successful, and far from the poor boy with the shady past that Melanie had known and loved with all of her being.

While striving to keep their relationship professional, the truth begins to unravel until their connection becomes too powerful to ignore. Only, Melanie has one more secret, and it threatens to destroy the only thing she ever wanted—her chance at a happily ever after.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This novel contains strong language, sex scenes and sensitive subject matter. I strongly advise reading Capturing Love before reading this novel.

The link below is for readers who may be emotionally triggered by events/themes/situations in this novel. 
Warning: It may contain spoilers! If you need any further clarification, please don't hesitate to email

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